The Vaile Office Cleaning Process

Whether you’ve seen our customer satisfaction statistics, or you’ve seen the spotless results of our cleaning services, you’ll be wondering the same thing. How do VOC deliver such great results for clients?

Our Five-Step Approach

  1. Attendance Checking: We thoroughly check time sheets and attendance on a daily basis, ensuring that our team members are always present when you need them.
  2. Site Visits/On going Training Our contract managers will spend time at your site regularly on formal visits, along with making training visits and spot checks to ensure that our high standards and service levels are met.
  3. Customer Feedback: Our customer service team will call you at regular intervals to discuss the level of service that you receive, allowing you to explain how we can make our service even better.
  4. Regular Reviews: Our service manager will arrange review meetings every three, six or 12 months (depending on the size of your contract) to check progress in more detail, ensuring that you’re totally happy with our cleaning service.
  5. Supervision and Action: Thanks to this regular checking and oversight, our trained supervisors will be able to identify and solve any issues before you’ve even noticed them, ensuring that all your cleaning requirements are met.

As you can see, we take your cleanliness and hygiene seriously. To discuss our competitive rates, or your specific needs, please get in touch with VOC today.