Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning, Croydon, Brixton, Vauxhall, Clapham and South West London

Do you need to make your workplace COVID-19 Secure? At Vaile Office Cleaning we can help by providing a professional cleaning and disinfection service for your school, business or workplace. Help ensure that staff and visitors feel safe by having your premises professionally cleaned by VOC.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread when individuals with the virus cough or exhale, releasing droplets of infected fluid. These droplets can fall onto nearby surfaces or objects, including workspace, computers, telephones and much more where they can live for up to 72 hours putting others at risk.

Using specialist cleaning equipment and viricidal and bactericidal treatments, we can quickly disinfect most sites including offices, schools, universities, care homes, shops and many other types of property. Our proven techniques will help to give your staff confidence to return to work and ensure that your environment is clear of all traces of the virus.

Coronavirus Surface Cleaning

In any work, education or business environment there are touchpoints that your staff and visitors will come in to contact with. At VOC we specialise in cleaning all common touchpoints to ensure they are properly disinfected. Some of the most common touchpoints include:

• Desktops and work surfaces
• Light switches, door handles and door plats
• Telephone equipment and photocopiers
• Computer keyboards and mouse
• Chairs
• Toilets, taps, and dispensers

In addition to regular surface cleaning and disinfection, we can also disperse an intensive antimicrobial mist. The mist binds to surfaces and forms a protective shield against COVID-19 and many other forms of bacteria such as E-coli, MRSA and many more. This provides coverage across a range of surfaces and will cover every ‘nook and cranny’.

COVID-19 Secure – Back to work cleaning

Our Coronavirus cleaning service will include a standard deep clean which reaches all areas of your space to ensure that any bacteria or viruses are removed. Once fully cleaned we will then deploy Zoono’s Z-71 Microbe Shield to sanitise the space and ensure no bacteria can settle on surfaces.
Zoono’s Z-71 Microbe Shield has a claimed >99.99% effectiveness against COVID-19 and two successful tests have been completed to EN Standard 14476:2013+A3:2019 (European Standard which applies to products used within medical areas). These tests, along with others certified by over 100 independent labs, have shown this technology to be effective in preventing and protecting against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Zoono technology is proven to remain effective for up to 100 washes on textiles and up to 30 days on surfaces. This process involves the use of no harsh chemicals, making it environmentally friendly, and has food safety approvals. It is safe to use around electrical equipment. As well as protecting against the settling of bacteria on surfaces, this process will also protect against mould and mildew build-up.